The Different Types of Horse Betting

Bettors can make various types of bets, whether new to horse racing or experienced bettor. These include:

  1. Place bets
  2. Trifectas
  3. Exotic wagers.

These different horse racing odds enable an individual to predict a race’s results without committing to a single horse. The key to choosing the right gamble is doing one’s research. An individual must learn about the race’s track record, trainer history, and form to easily win in this gambling category.


In this type of betting, bettors must choose a runner to finish in the top two or three places. This is the most common type of horse betting. Nevertheless, gamblers can also bet on the winner, second, or third business. In some cases, individuals can bet on as few as two horses. In some situations, the first couple of horses are grouped for competitive balance.


This is where gamblers must pick the first, second, and third runners in the exact order they finish. If gamblers choose the correct order, they will earn their bet. However, they lose if they do not obtain the incorrect rankings. This betting type was introduced in 2010 and is replacing forecast betting.


There are other types of exotic bets, including Quinellas and Superfecta. These wagers are like parlay bets in sports betting. In a Quinella bet, gamblers will be picking first and second-place finishers. In a Superfecta, they will choose four horses in the exact order they finish. These bets offer better odds than place-or-win bets.

The most popular horse racing betting type is the win market. This is usually the most conservative bet. If a horse wins, the money goes to the following selection. In a winning bet, they will bet that the horse will finish first. This is the most common type of bet, and gamblers could gamble up to ten horses in a parlay. Through this, gamblers could increase their total amount of money by adding more horses to the parlay.

These are the common types of horse betting. Continue reading the infographic below developed by the popular company known for their famous soccer betting in Singapore, Junebett66:

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