The Best Strategies in Horse Race Betting

The Best Strategies in Horse Race Betting

There are many SG horse racing tips and strategies that can be used when betting on horse races. One of the most popular is the lay betting strategy, which works in most sports and almost every other type of betting. In lay betting, you bet against the runner with the lowest odds. This strategy works well when looking for value but requires you to analyze the odds of the favourites and pick runners with low odds of 3.0 to 6.0. Many people who use this strategy report winning more than 80 percent of the time.

Leveraging each way bets

In horse race betting, saver bets are a good option to cover any risks of a horse not winning. These bets are simple to calculate and provide insurance against the risk of placing on a horse that is not likely to win.

Keeping a betting record

Keeping a betting record is an essential part of horse race betting. This will help you analyze your betting strategy and find the best bets. Having a betting record when betting against a horse is also very helpful. This will give you better odds of winning.

Dutching system

Dutching is a horse race betting system that uses a system similar to arbitrage betting. It involves backing more than one selection, which gives you a larger chance of winning. In a race where two horses are favored to win, you would place a wager on one horse with odds of PS10 and another with odds of PS4.2. If one of the horses wins, you will win PS42. But if another one does not, you will lose PS20 and be left with PS30.

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